Free Quilt Designs/Blocks

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Carol Doak's Free Quilt Patterns page includes awesome paper/foundation piecing templates.
Baby Quilts from FatCatPatterns
Children's Designs from FatCatPatterns
Cats and Dogs from FatCatPatterns
Animals from FatCatPatterns
Flower Blocks from Fat Cat Patterns
Native American animal blocks
Geisha Girls and Double Happiness blocks
Beach, Fish, Aquatic Designs
Sewing Themes from FatCatPatterns

Ribbon Quilt Blocks - (ideal for awareness quilts - i.e. breast cancer, Relay for Life, Alzheimer's, etc.)

             Basic Ribbon Quilt Block 1    
             Pink Warrior
             Ribbon Angels, Red Dresses and other Awareness Blocks from FatCatPatterns

Examples of great awareness quilts:
Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt
Breast Cancer Quilt Blocks
Pink Ribbon Quilt
Bevalee Runner's Pink Ribbon Quilt - an amazing quilt artist, check out the rest of her gallery too
Pink Bargello Ribbon Quilt
Relay for Life Quilt - by the Rainbow Warriors Relay for Life team

Awareness Ribbons Color Guide:
Black Ribbons: Melanoma

Dark Blue Ribbons: Colon Cancers
Gold Ribbons: Childhood Cancer
Gray Ribbons: Diabetes & Brain Cancer
Green Ribbons: Kidney Cancer
Green/Blue Ribbons: Mental Heath Awareness
Jade Ribbons: Liver Cancer & Hepatitis
Jigsaw Puzzle Ribbons: Autism
Lace Ribbons: Osteoporosis
Lime Green Ribbons: Lyme Disease
Orange Ribbons: Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis
Periwinkle Ribbons: Hypertension and Stomach Cancer
Pearl Ribbons: Lung Cancer
Pink Ribbons: Breast Cancer:
Pink,Purple and Teal Ribbons: Thyroid Cancer
Purple Ribbons: Pancreatic, Prostrate,Testicular Cancers; Alzheimer's & Fibromyalgia
Red Ribbons:AIDS/HIV & Heart Disease, Leukemia, Lymphoma
Silver Ribbons: Parkinson's Disease
Sky Blue Ribbons: Prostate Cancer
Teal Ribbons: Ovarian Cancer
White Ribbons: Bone Cancer

Alphabetized Quilt Block Designs:
A Dandy - BOM 09/97
Abenaki Way
After the Summer
Airplane Tutorial - single airplane block
Airplane Block - four airplane meet in the center
Album - use the center plain square for autographs, quotes or quilter club signatures
Album Patch - with 9 album patches
Album Star
Album Twist
Album Variation
Algonquin Charm
All American
All Hallows
All Hallows Variation
All Kinds
All Squared Up
All Those Squares
Amerihearts at Home
Arabic Lattice
Argyle Square - looks AWESOME in the full quilt
Arrowheads 1
Arrowheads 2 - more literal shapes
Butterflies: Town and Country
Cabbage Rose
Caned Seats
Cathedral Windows Tutorial
Compotier - resembling a fancy dish/vase, this is a great way to show off fancy toile, or Asian and French country florals
Crowns, Rings and Crosses
Faux String Quilt - Fake the string technique with a great stripe print and this super simple paper piece block from the 1940s
Fire Flower
Flying Geese: No Waste Shortcut
Fox and Geese
Friendly Hand
Gaggle of Pinwheels
Geese in a Circle - not a huge flying geese fan, but this is gorgeous!
Hexagon Tutorial
Improvisational Block
Log Cabin Rose
Mi'kmaq Block
Peggy Sue's Braids
Pineapple: Paper Pieced
Pineapple Star
Sawtooth Star - AKA Pinwheel Star and 8-Point Star
Squash Blossom
Stacked Strings
String Pieced Block
Trapezoids - in the "wonky" style
Triple Star
Weeping Willow
Wild Rose
Wild Zinnias
Yo-yo Quilts

Mini Christmas Projects
Angel of "Piece" - could be a card or small framed decoration
Christmas "JOY" Card
Christmas Tree Penny Rug - great as a centerpiece mat or wall hanging
Heart/Star Ornament

And check out Christmas blocks and projects from

Other Holiday Projects
American Flag Postcard Quilt
Amish Pieced Bookmark - great teacher gift or tiny wall hanging for cabinets/bookshelf
Crazy Patch Easter Egg - shown with the Strutting Chick listed below
Flags, Cows, and Barns
New York State Table Topper - a mini American flag block with the traditional New York quilt star
Strutting Chick - see the Crazy Patch Easter Egg for the full Easter wall hanging
Teacher Pieced Bookmark

And check out More holiday projects from FatCatPatterns